New Lymphoedema App for Your SmartPhone!

Australasian Breast Cancer Surgeons Throw Support Behind New Lymphoedema App

(Posted April 2013)

smartphoneBreast Surgeons across Australia & New Zealand have this week thrown their support behind a locally produced smartphone app for cancer survivors.

The new app developed by Brisbane based Physiotherapist, Kelly Foote is about breast cancer related Lymphoedema, a well known side effect of breast cancer treatment and one which has significant impact on survivors’ physical and emotional well-being.

Breast Surgeons Australia and New Zealand Incorporated general manager, Charles Baker, commended the user friendly design of the smartphone app.

“The app will be of great value to any woman affected by breast cancer and who has undergone lymph node surgery” Mr Baker said.

The Lymphoedema breast cancer app is a complete, mobile resource for women and a step by step guide on how to self monitor for the condition.

Release of the world first app coincides with March Lymphoedema awareness month, a campaign which aims to promote awareness of the early signs and symptoms of Lymphoedema among high risk groups.

Dr Chris Allan, a Brisbane based breast cancer surgeon praised the app as a modern approach to personalised health care and endorsed it as a tool to promote awareness.

“This App is a source of practical information regarding all aspects of lymphoedema education and provides a simple and comprehensive tool for ongoing monitoring,” Dr Allan said.

Lymphoedema cannot be cured if it develops but early identification and treatment results in improved outcomes and reduces the impact of the condition on cancer survivors quality of life.

“Approximately 1 in 5 women with breast cancer will develop Lymphoedema and so this is a genuine concern for many women,” Ms Foote said.

She said that all women with breast cancer should receive quality and timely education about the early signs and symptoms of Lymphoedema.

“I wanted the App to be an “on the go” resource and self management tool, providing women with vital Lymphoedema information at any time and from anywhere,” Ms Foote said.

The App is available on both ITUNES and Google Play and is compatible for use : IPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and IOS 6 operating system for iPad, Galaxy Note 2 and S3.

For more information on the Lymphoedema Breast Cancer App- Kelly Foote, App developer is available for interview/panel discussion via: phone +61 422 942 250

**Kelly Foote is an Australian Lymphoedema trained Physiotherapist, with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Lymphoedema associated with Breast Cancer.

Kelly is a professional member of the Australasian Lymphology Association and has educated hundreds of women about Lymphoedema and how to minimise their risk of developing the condition after breast cancer treatment.

As a cancer care Physiotherapist Kelly has been a representative on Statewide Cancer Council Committees and Lymphoedema expert panels.

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