Bioimpedance is a new tool to assist the diagnosis of patients at risk of developing lymphoedema, to diagnose lymphoedema before it is showing any physical symptoms and to help provide optimal patient outcome.

Bioimpedance measurents can be taken before surgery as a baseline and continued at regular intervals after surgery to assess if any signs of lymphoedema are present .

Appropriate management can then be commenced to reverse and reduce lymphoedema development.

The procedure is simple, and non-invasive. Electrodes are applied to the skin on the ‘at risk’ and ‘unaffected’ limbs and measurements are taken by passing a harmless electrical signal of very low strength through the body.

An increase of fluid in the body’s tissues results in the electrical signal travelling more easily through the limb. The Bioimpedance device compares the rate of electrical signal between the ‘at risk’ limb and the unaffected limb. This value can be an indicator of extracellular fluid levels (fluid collection) within the tissues before there are any visible signs of lymphoedema. This can assist in early lymphoedema intervention and optimization of treatment.

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Bioimpedance Providers

Waitemata District Health Board
Anne Young Breast Clinic North Shore Hospital
North Shore Hospital and Waitakere Hospital Physiotherapy Departments.
Ph 09 4868900

Auckland Breast Centre
217 Shakespeare Road Milford
Ph 09 4889179 Fax 09 486 0410
Provides Bioimpedance for management of Secondary Lymphoedema in Women treated for breast cancer.

Kathryn Vickers
Active Life Physiotherapy
Bethlehem, Tauranga
07 576 6999

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