Medical Taping

Medical Taping

Medical Tape can be used in the treatment of lymphoedema and is applied in a certain way to drain lymph fluid to functioning nodes from the affected area.

kinesio.jpgMedical Taping alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by stretching and lifting the skin. The tape forms convolutions in the skin thus increasing interstitial space and taking pressure and irritation off the neural/ sensory receptors. Pressure is thus taken off the lymphatic system allowing it to drain more freely.

The tape is 100% cotton which allows the skin to breathe and as it is same thickness of skin is comfortable and can barely be detected when worn.

The hypo-allergic tape allows air circulation and can be worn for 4-5 days per application.

The four major effects of Medical Taping are:
  1. Skin Function: Endogenous Analgesic System: Stimulation of the skin relieves pain or abnormal feelings on the skin and muscles.
  2. Muscle Function: The elastic properties of the tape replicates and enhances the function of muscle fibres and tendons.
  3. Joint Function: corrects misalignment of joint through affect on muscle / fascia and pain
  4. Lymphatic Function: removes congestion of lymphatic fluid or haemorrhage under the skin. Stimulates the mechanisms that facilitate the movement of lymph.
Useful Contacts

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The New Zealand supplier of CureTape® is Toomac Solutions Ltd. Please feel free to visit their website. Alternatively you can contact them via email , phone 09 443 5347 or fax 09 443 5345.

For the New Zealand supplier of Kinesio Tape, visit the Kinesiotaping NZ website or contact the Hands On Group by email or phone (07) 843 2267/fax (07) 843 2269

Michele Urlich is a Certified Lymphoedema Specialist and a Kinesio Taping Instructor and can be contacted by email or by calling 021 494 410.

Linley Leuthard is a Kinesio Taping Instructor and can be contacted by email or by calling (07) 843 2267.

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