Where do I go for help?

Where do I go for help?

129x212 Lymph drainage - manual 2.JPGFinding a Lymphoedema Therapist
If you have had treatment for cancer, your surgeon may refer you to a Lymphoedema Therapist. Your breast care nurse and/ or Cancer Liaison Nurse can refer you to a Lymphoedema Therapist too. A list of Lymphoedema Therapists is available on the website.

Lymphoedema Support Groups
Your local Division of the Cancer Society can give you the contact details of the nearest Lymphoedema Support Group. If you subscribe to the support group you may get a newsletter.

Some lymphoedema support groups sell handbooks on lymphoedema management.

Contacts for lymphoedema networks include:

Auckland Lymphoedema Support Network,
Contact 021 088 68351 or email info@lymphoedema.org.nz 

Lymphoedema Association of Australia

Handbooks and Books
There are some excellent handbooks on lymphoedema. Some may be available from the Cancer Society or the lymphoedema support groups.

Mason, Michael: 
  • Exercises for Lymphoedema of the Leg (1998).
  • Exercises for Lymphoedema of the Arm (1996).
  • Living with Lymphoedema (1995).