Compression Garments and Bandaging

Compression Information

Best Practice for the Management of Lymphoedema- International Consensus

Compression Treatment Information

Template For Practice: Compression Hosiery in Lymphoedema

Template For Practice: Compression Hosiery in Upper Body Lymphoedema

Queensland Health lymphoedema clinical practice guideline, 2014. The use of compression in the
management of adults with lymphoedema. State of Queensland (Queensland Health), 2014.

Guideline for a national standard technique of measurement of lymphoedematous limbs. Australasian Lymphology Association, 2013.

Overview of garment sizing and brands
Compression Hosiery Solutions for Healthier Living 2015-2016 Medical Supplies Catalog, Mayo Clinic Store
Limb Measurements

ALA Measuring Forms

Proper fitting of sleeves and gloves - StepUp-SpeakOut Editorial Board, 2014

Compression garments stockings for lymphedema. Lymphedema People, 2012

Care of Compression Garments
Garment/Bandaging/Bio Compression Pumps Suppliers

3M New Zealand Compression Therapy Products - Coban 2

Protec Solutions New Zealand

Toomac Solutions Ltd- Juzo Products

Smith and Nephew New Zealand- Jobst products

Obex, Venosan Products

Obex, Bio Compression Pumps


Haddenham Health Australia

Therapist Support Laboratory Australia

Cosmac Healthcare Australia

Thuasne: Mobiderm Products
Trifour Technics
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