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Dates and programmes for 2024

11 - 12 June 2024 Upper Limb and Breast
13 - 14 June 2024 Lower Limb and Genital Region
13 - 14 June 2024 Head and Neck Region 

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International Training Schools:
There are a number of international training schools. Please check which of these schools provide training that is recognised by the ALA approved course.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Decongestive Therapy was developed in the 1930’s by Danish Therapists Emil and Estrid Vodder. It is used in the management of primary and secondary lymphoedema and other indications including acute and chronic oedema, neuromuscular disorders, fascial dysfunction, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, burns , scar therapy, acne, local chronic inflammation, migraine, circulatory disturbances, etc.

The work of Vodder remains the foundation of Lymphoedema Management it is highly regarded and the methods are taught to therapists in Vodder schools around the world. In particular, the Vodder school in Austria.
Vodder School

In the 1980’s, Hungarian professor Michael Földi developed a variety of techniques building on the work of Vodder into what is now known as Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) for the management of Lymphoedema. His work shaped the four cornerstones of care in lymphoedema management Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Compression therapy, Skin Care and Exercise. The Földi Clinic in the Black Forest in Germany provides a clinic for lymphoedema patients and training for therapists in Complete Decongestive Therapy and has been responsible for much research in lymphoedema.
Foeldi School

Leduc (Lympho Kinetics)
Belgium Lymphology Professor Albert Leduc in the 1980’s built on the work already achieved in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. After 30 years of animal and human research solely related to the management of lymphoedema, he developed the Leduc method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Management of Complex Lymphoedema.
Leduc School

Casley Smith
Developed by Australians John and Judith Casley-Smith drawing on the general principles of Vodder. Pioneers in much lymphoedema research and founders of the Lymphology Association of Australia, their method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy is now taught around the world.
Casley Smith 

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